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[MT ]Adhesive Products Factory in Dongguan City, a drop of more than [Not certified ]
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Adhesive Products Factory in Dongguan City, is a drop of more R & D, production, sales as one of the private chemical companies. Create a focus on a number of industrial adhesive application and development of engineering and technical experts to participate in customer design, manufacture, maintenance the entire process for customers to provide professional plastic screws, anaerobic adhesives, sealants, structural adhesive, cyanoacrylate, ab glue, UV adhesive glue and other works for the customer's product quality, cost down at the end, efforts to improve product market competition.

Adhesive Products Factory in Dongguan City, which sells more than a drop products: 1, cyanoacrylate (simultaneous 502 glue, 502 glue Beijing, a drop of more than 502 glue, Loctite cyanoacrylate, etc.) 2, anaerobic adhesive (Loctite anaerobic adhesive , special to anaerobic adhesive, a drop of more anaerobic adhesive, anaerobic adhesive Chand)
3, sealant (loctite surface sealant, pipe thread sealants, pipe magic rope) 4, structural adhesive (loctite326 glue, 324 glue, glue stick copper, iron stick glue) 5, accelerator (Loctite 7075 activator Loctite 7452 accelerator, activator 7387, Loctite 712) 6, treatment agent (Loctite 7649 Primer, loctite770 Primer, 754 herbicides)
7, UV glue (glue glass adhesive glass, metal, glass, glue stick, plastic stick the plastic glue) 8, AB glue (AB transparent plastic, green and red plastic, epoxy resin AB glue, acrylic AB glue) 9 resin glue (yellow glue, PVC glue, PU glue, PE glue, EVA glue) 10, white latex (Woodworking glue, puzzle glue, white glue, adhesive)

All products have passed SGS environmental protection test. Our services: market-oriented, customer-centric. The company will be modern and scientific management to bring you quality assurance, excellent reputation, quality products and dedicated service to repay customers love the company.
All the staff always adhere to "quality first, users first" professionalism wealth, building a modern enterprise and make unremitting efforts to welcome new and old customers and we work together to create brilliant. Sent a model home at any time trial, please contact us, thank you!

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086 0769-83056635
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086 0769-85635945
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China_Guangdong Province_Dongguan City
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[MT ]Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the second industrial zone housing
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