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[MT ]Guangdong Packaging Technology Association of Professional Committee of plastic packaging [Not certified ]
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Guangdong Packaging Technology Association of Plastic Packaging Council (the official administrative departments of Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission) by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs has a legal personality registered social organizations institutions (registration certificate of approval number: the first community card characters 0033A0021), Person in charge: Huang Gang permitted to engage in business: promotion, information consultation, personnel training, industry management, professional exhibitions, international cooperation, technical exchange, quality certification, product identification.
The Association since its establishment in July 1981, has been manufacturing packaging products for the enterprise in Guangdong Province, and supporting the production enterprises, relevant enterprises and institutions and research institutes, packaging products, marketing, distribution units and other relevant units to provide a wide range of services to help companies change the traditional mode of thinking and management methods to enhance their market competitiveness.
The Association's purpose is to: uphold the Party's basic line, observe the Constitution, laws, policies, and social ethics, to adapt to the socialist market economic system and the requirements of modernization, between the government and enterprises to play a role as a link, to maintain membership The legal rights, and serve as business and industry services to assist the Government to implement the industry, promote industry development.
According to state regulations, the Association's functions are divided into three categories: the functions of the packaging business services; self-discipline, coordination, monitoring and maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of business functions; assist government departments to strengthen the functions of industrial management;
The scope of work of the Association: (a) to carry out the industry, local economic development research to raise questions about economic policy and legislative advice and recommendations; (b) agreed by the government authorities and mandated industry statistics, collection, analysis, publishing industry information;
(C) established the magazine, providing consulting; (d) organizing talent, technology, vocational training; (e) To organize trade fairs, exhibitions, etc.; (f) agreement by the government departments involved in quality management and supervision (g) guidance, help enterprises to improve management; (h) was commissioned to organize and promote the use of scientific and technological achievements appraisal; (ix) to carry out domestic and international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation;
(J) develop and oversee the implementation of regulatory acts of the line, standard industry practices, coordinating peer price dispute, the maintenance of fair competition; (k) reflect the membership requirements, coordination of member relations and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests; (xii) authorized and commissioned by government departments participate in the development of industry plans a major transformation of the industry, technology transfer, investment and development projects for pre-demonstration;
(XIII) in the development, revision of national standards and industry standards, to organize and supervise; (n) participate in industry production and business work permits issued to participate in the qualification examination; (fifth) in the construction of the relevant product market ; (xvi) the development of industry and public welfare; (q) undertake other tasks entrusted by government departments, etc.;

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086 020-66639591(总机),86294515(监督电话)
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086 020-86294810
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China_Guangdong Province_Guangzhou
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[MT ]Huang Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, No. 5 (Guangzhou Agriculture and Commerce Bank), Room 703
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