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Mountain - brand is the Shanxi Xinzhou Wang On the only brand of safe plant operation. Shanxi Xinzhou Wang On the safe factory is located in the northern Shanxi Province, "Shanxi Province lock and key" - giant lock key city of Wei - Xinzhou City, Shanxi Xinzhou City, Department of Administration located. Xin House district east of the world-famous World Cultural Heritage of Shanxi Xinzhou - Wutai Mountain, the old times; South Point will be historical and cultural city of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province with convenient transportation.

Xinzhou Wang On safe plant is inspected by the State Ministry of Public Security, Public Security Bureau in Shanxi Province approved the production and sale of security products for the professional production enterprises. Wang On the date of its founding, to meet the security needs of customers responsibility and dedication to our customers and users of security products at competitive prices, timely and flexible sale, sale, sale design and installation of security and the quality and efficient after-sales service The security solution.

Wang On the production of products to cover their own safe, safe, dangerous goods storage cabinets, vault doors, activities, treasury, bank linkage anti trailing door, large metal doors eleven categories and more than seventy varieties, but also based on customer requirements Design and production of bulk orders to meet the additional demand of customers.

We have a comprehensive cutting, welding, polishing, painting, packaging and other Gongxu processing equipment and production technology, and transportation vehicles have a special charge of transportation of our products, our services extend to the buyer designated place, the door of their products lossless delivery to the door. All of our products undergo a rigorous inspection before leaving the factory, sold with detailed documentation, user of our products.

Hong Anren welcome customers to our factory, welcome to our factory personnel letter calls an entry point to discuss cooperation. Inf, macro Anren to the quality of life, reputation and development; social commitment, macro Dorians led by leaders at all levels to contribute to building a socialist harmonious society.

To respond positively to national brand rejuvenation strategy, Shanxi Xinzhou Wang On the safe practice of the market a unified brand strategy works (as of the end of September 2009, Mount - brand is the Shanxi Xinzhou Wang On the only brand of safe plant operation, hope the majority of consumer are known), has applied for registration Mountain State Trademark Office - Trademarks, to Mountain - Brand leading the Shanxi Xinzhou Wang On the safe plant marketing activities to enhance the corporate identity.

Conscience cast quality, reliable brand success. Mountain - Brand - safe - Mountain - Brand - Safety Deposit Box - Mountain - Brand - vault doors - Mountain - Brand - Anti trailing linkage Gate - Mountain - Brand - metal door by the national trademark protection. Mountain - Brand - safe - Mountain - Brand - safe for your life, add safety.

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086 86 0350 3160849
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086 86 0351 2127358
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China_Shanxi Province_Xinzhou
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[MT ]Xinzhou City, Shanxi Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, Xin House District, House District Long Street Lu Xin Chuang Building Material Market, Code: 034000
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